Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quick Review: MAC Underdressed Lipglass

Hey there! This post is gonna be short and sweet, I just wanted to show you my new baby: MAC Undressed Lipglass. It came out with MAC's big summer collection Temperature Rising, which hit stores Thursday. I also really wanted the Feel My Pulse lipstick, but I'm too broke. :,( But this lipgloss is truly stunning, so I don't feel too bad!

So this is the Lipglass in question. MAC describes as a bronzed plum with multi dimensional pearl. I'd called bronzed neutral with holographic gold and bright purple shimmer. It's very shiny and high gloss. It's less sticky than the normal formula, which I'm a fan of. This was really hard to photograph, so I didn't include a picture of it on. I promise the swatch is pretty accurate. Also let's just stop and admire how pretty the bronze summer packaging is. =)
$16.50 at MAC stores and counters. (Sold out online!)

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