Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rambling: Zen Makeup

Applying making can make me feel different ways at different times. If I'm hurriedly slapping in my ridiculously small and constantly humid bathroom, I'm always stressed. It feels cramped and claustrophobic, and things never some out perfectly blended. Or if I'm trying something new, and getting annoyed with not getting it right.

 But sometimes it can be exactly what I need. This morning I was extremely jittery, I was super nervous about an exam. The massive amounts of caffeine I'd consumed weren't doing me and favors either. My stomach hurt, and I could barely hold a camera straight enough to get some decent swatches. I tried to stretch, it just wasn't working. So finally I just gave up and went to put on my makeup for the day. Maybe it was that I had to stand perfectly still, and keep my breathing steady to apply mascara. Maybe I felt that when my skin woke up a bit (and gained some much needed color), I did too. For whatever the reason, it calmed me down and made me feel more confident. I guess just focusing on something else, something you enjoy can really help you out.

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