Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Conair Infiniti Curl Secret Pro!

Hey guys I have a super exciting review for you today.  I got to test out the new Conair Infiniti curl secret pro hair curler. It uses some crazy new technology like something out of the Jetsons. So if you're interested in some space age hair tech, keep reading!

The coolest part of this curling iron is clearly how it works. You simply place the hair into the shaft and it's scoops it up it's really hard to explain said actually taking a short video to show you guys. (I know it's my first video, crazy!)

It's amazing I was so freaked out even though I've seen the commercial. It has several different settings he can control the heat of the curl which in turn control how tight the curl is. The video is of my sister because she has much shorter hair than I do, so it's a lot easier to show you that. But here's some pictures of my hair before and after curling.

I didn't on the highest setting beginning nice long tendrils however due to the length of my hair. It's around 26 inches. I wasn't able to get it all into the shaft. I tried but it malfunctioned and made it really hard to pull my hair out. It was kind of a nightmare, so beware of that if you long hair.  I figure the way around this was to start in the center of making so the entire length of the hair wasn't curled however it gave the ends of my hair a very nice curl. This is just one of the realities of having long hair. 

This curler takes a little getting used to but after you do it's really easy to use. Every kernel is going just be exactly the same and perfect which if you're bad a curling your hair perfectly or if you wish to get rid of those 'creases' this might be a huge plus for you. It's also super fast you do it in fairly small sections at a time sure (1 inch) however every single section, even at the highest setting, only takes 12 seconds. Granted I have fine hair but I was able to curl my entire head in about 10 minutes. 

Alright now on to the cons, and this has a few. Besides the length problem which I already told you, this curler have a few if it's own kinks it needs to sort out. My biggest issue with it is I felt that my curls felt really fast. My hair isn't  prone to curling easily. But over the years I found lots of methods to make it work. The right hairspray and having ceramic curler are the solution. And don't get me wrong I love Conair ceramic curling irons I have two of them use 'em all the time,weekly basis, big fan. So I really don't know what caused the issue. Just make sure it wasn't just me I did tester it on my sister. I found that she pretty much the same results as I even with a different length. It's possible it could be my hair take however fine here is not the hardest kind of hair to curl.

All and all I think this is a super cool hair tool, with crazy new technology. I think this would be great at parties, and that's it's super easy to use for perfect curls every time. Will it become part of my everyday hair routine? Nah, I'm sticking with my Conair You Curl for that. But this is a very fun product.

The Conair Curl Infiniti Curl Secret Pro retails for $99.00 USD and is for sure available at Ulta and online at

Intrigued? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

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