Friday, November 9, 2012


I want to preface this post with a statement, I suck! I've been so bad about blogging lately and it really bothers me. I do hauls very often because I simply don't have the money to get enough stuff to be worth sharing. But I went shopping the other day as part of a much needed day off, and got a reasonable amount of stuff to show you guys. It was pretty great. I got so many new festive winter things, and I even got to be a model at Sephora. =)

I didn't get a ton of stuff at Sephora, but I did get some Tarina Tarantino makeup at a great price. Sephora isn't going to keep carrying them (which is sad) so they're on crazy sale right now, go snap up anything you've had your eye on! 
  • I got Tarina Tarantina Dollskin Blush in Parasol; it's is the most beautiful warm pink color! I keep trying it on all my friends and haven't found one it doesn't look good on.
  • I also got a Tarina Jewel Eyeshadow Palette in Dreamy. It comes with five beautiful eyeshadows: a bright metallic copper (my fav), a warm white frost eyeshadow, a golden nude eyeshadow also frosty, a warm chocolate brown satin, and a dark blackened brown with gold and copper shimmer. All the eyeshadows are smooth and pigmented, I'm in love with the copper color it looks to pretty with my hair. The packaging is also very cute. Each palette is a different color that coordinates with the shadows inside, this one is warm brown. But they have this beautiful opalescent rainbow finish, its so shiny its actually causing a glare in the picture.
  • And just as a fun treat a got a Philosophy Lip Shine in Cinnamon Buns. It smells sooo great very true to the name. This one is clear with lots of light gold shimmer, and it gives off a super glossy shine. Its a little on the sticky side, but not enough to bother me. It does make me want to devour my lips though...
Just got Blacktrack. 'Nuff said.

Bath and Body Works
  • Mmm winter candle time. I got White Barn No. 1 Nutmeg and Spice. I love BBWs' candles and this one was my favorite from their winter/ christmas collection this year. BBW's website says it smells like 'toasty spiced caramel and nutmeg'. I'd describe it as buttercream and nutmeg. Its sweet, spicy, and delicious. I got the small ten dollar kind, which is on sale for five right now, always nice
  • I also got a PocketBac hand sanitizer. This is actually why I went to BBWs the candle just sort of happened. I always have one of these in my purse, and I had just ran out of my lavender one. I got Red Apple Ruby, which smells sort of like apple cider with lots of caramel added. I like it, but the scents a bit strong. You might want to pass if strong scents bother you.
Possibly my favorite store ever. Got some yummy christmas goodies!
  •  First off we have my all time Lush christmas favorite, Cinders Bath Bomb. Its sooo good. Its smells like magical spiced apple cider and has poprock style candies on top that crackle in the bath like a fire. This the first of many cinders bath bombs for me this year...
  • Then we have the Golden Wonder bath bomb. Its so cute! This bath bomb looks like a present and even jingles when you shake it! And it carries a old favorite Lush scent, snowshowers. Its supposed to remind you of mimosas on christmas morning. It smells amazing I highly recommend it. 
  • I also got the So White Bath Bomb. On the outside it looks like a perfect cartoon snowball, but on the side its bright pink! It was inspired by a traditional Indian end of winter festival called Holi where people throw bright colored paper. It smells like fresh apples, almost good enough to eat!
  • Finally the new Lush love of my life, Twilight Shower Gel! It smells like sweet lavender and tonka. Did I mention its also purple and sparkly? The only downside is that its limited edition for the holidays. =(
I hope you enjoyed my little haul! I'll post again soon I promise! xoxo A.

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