Monday, October 29, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics Review

So I just got my first ever order from Darling Girl Cosmetics, a small indie makeup company based in Texas. I have a small budget as always but their stuff is very high quality and affordable; they also don't test on animals which I know is peace of mind for many of us.

In all I got four lip glosses and a mini eyeshadow for around twenty bucks with shipping, thats pretty impressive on its own. I'm very happy with all of them.
L to R: Fenix (Liquid Kiss Luxe), Graveyard Betty, Jasmine Boneforhands, and Hellspawn. (Zombie Apoca-Lips )
This is going to sound silly, but these are the first indie lip products I've purchased. I normally normally only buy eyeshadow, but Darling Girl has so many beautiful colors and formulas that I had to try some! They come in click pen style tubes with brush applicators- admittedly not my favorite. But the formula is fantastic, smooth, pigmented, and non sticky.
Fenix: 'A gorgeous berry mauve with a green shift' I'd say thats about right, I'd describe it as a deep natural berry with a slight green shift. I was hoping the green shift would show up a little more, but alas only in certain lights. It really is beautiful though, its not as dark as it is in the tube or swatch. Its one of those mythical work appropriate but not boring colors. This is part of their permanent Liquid Kiss Luxe line.

Graveyard Betty: 'A sheer milky white with a pink/red shift infused with a green flakie' These are designed to go over darker lipsticks. I've been having soooo much fun with these! The green flakie is a little larger then the other glitters but its still pretty smooth. Part of their Zombie Apoca-lips line, not sure if these will be limited for Halloween or permanent.

Jasmine Boneforhands: 'Sheer milky white with a purple shift, infused with a gold flakie' I havent really noticed gold shimmer at all, but this one is a lot of fun to layer with. I wore it the other day over a cooler berry red and it turned it into a bright fuchsia with purple sparkle. Part of Zombie if you didn't guess.

Hellspawn: 'Sheer burnt orange with color shifting mica' One of my favorites, its a orange lipgloss with a pretty gold flash. Its more opaque then the other Apoca-Lips glosses and I like it by itself as well as other red lipstick. 

Inferno Room Eyeshadow: 'Bright true red with a metallic undertone and fine gold and copper shimmer' I'd say this leans a little bit warm, but that could just be the warm shimmer. Very pretty dry, and I can't wait to foil it. This is also from a Halloween collection 'The Ghost with the Most' which is Beetlejuice themed (Squee!) 

I'm very very happy with my new toys, and encourage you to place an order yourself. As I said very reasonably priced, my only annoyance was shipping time but they do tell you what to expect so I can't really fault them. You guys can definitely look forward for more reviews of them by me. =D

These can be found on Darling Girl Cosmetics Website!

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