Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Series: Forest Nymph

Well I'm back for the third installment of my Halloween series, and this week I'm doing a wood nymph look. Its very pretty, and very very easy. I'm using some fantastically long Sugarpill lashes for this look but use whatever length you're comfortable with!

Startled Nymph!
After applying BB cream and eye primer I took a peachy colored eyeshadow I used it all over my lids and brow bone. Then with a wet angled brush I took a medium green color and lined my lids with it. Take the same green and gently work it into your crease. Then take a medium brown and blend it just into the corner of the green. Apply a little black mascara, if you're not using lashes you're done! This is where I applied my fantastic lashes, and batted them dramatically lots.

Now taking bronzer I contoured lightly around the edges of my face and under my cheek bones. Then I added a little bit of a peachy flush right above the contour, and dusted highlight on top of that.

On to my foresty head thing. Using the sides of my liner brush for a straight edge, I took a brush with light brown eyeshadow down the side flipped it to the other side, and made a triangle. Then I filled in the triangle with my bronzer. After that I made the little vines with green eyeshadow and a liner brush and applied a green sequin with a tiny amount of eyelash glue. Then to finish off the look I applied a neutral pink lipgloss and called it good. However I think a green, blue, or brown lip could also look super cool!

Products Used:
In order of application 

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Freestyle Eyeshadow, Lime Crime Jade o Lade (Chinadoll Palette), Urban Decay Barlust Eyeshadow, Maybelline Full n Soft Black Waterproof Mascara, Sugarpill Shady Lane False Lashes.

Face: Holika Holki Petit Clearing BB Cream, Hard Candy Baked Blush in Pin Up, Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Spicy and Sweet, theBalm Mary-lou Manizer Luminizer.

Head Thing: Clinque Brown Eyeshadow (Sorry its nameless!), Hard Candy Baked Blush in Pin Up, Lime Crime Jade o Lade eyeshadow (Chinadoll), craft store sequin.

Lips: Nyx Megashine Lipgloss in Sponge Cake.

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