Saturday, April 6, 2013

March Favorites! '13

Hey guys, sorry I'm a little late for this. I normally try to do it the first of second, but that just wasn't happening this week! So anyway these are my favorite for the month of March, I hope you enjoy them!

So lets start with makeup favorites, since there actually aren't a ton this month.

1.) NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk. I've had this baby for awhile now, but it really shined on a day to day level for me this month. I normally only use it for making very bright colors pop (which it does very well!) but lately I've been using it to make pastels show up more true to color to great success. You can by the at Ulta for around $6 USD but be warned these are often out of stock.

2.) Sleek Rose Gold Blush. Ughhhh this is so beautiful! I can't get over it, this is a must have especially for light skinned girls. Its a beautiful warm pink/coral with a golden sheen. It has great pigmentation, but can be played up or down. I've had this awhile, and sort of neglected it over the winter. But now its back in heavy rotation for spring.

3.) Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette. Just did a review on this so I won't go on about it too much, but its worth every penny.

Now on to some misc. favorites!

4.) Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Sun Kissed. This is such a pretty Dreamsicle color! A lovely light orange cream finish. I find this line to be pretty long lasting, and also this one is opaque in about two coats. Always a plus!

5.) B&BW Country Chic Shower Gel. This actually the second favorites post this has wiggled its way into. Its such a great spring scent, its a warm yummy floral that not overwhelming. I have this in shower gel and body butter form, they're great layered together but bath and body works lotion breaks me out it I use too much of my back or shoulders. :(

6.) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock. I know I should use this all year, but I forget in the winter. :p But I've started to get in the habit of using this everyday again. It doesn't break me out or make my makeup go on weird so its a win-win for me.

7.) Wallet from Charlotte Russe. Isn't in cute? The other side has a holder for my iphone which is very handy, especially when I don't want to carry a purse. I've seen ones with the same concept, but they all looked really cheap. This one was really cheap, but looks much classier. Yay! ;D

8.) Sunglasses from Target. Nothing too special but they're really cute and do their job. I'm very light sensitive so I always need a pair with me. Plus they were only $12 at target! I love the sort of retro vibe they have.

9.) (Not Pictured) Fovever 21. I've seriously considered moving there a few times this last month. Their plus size section is a godsend for curvy girls! This dress in particular is one of my favorite things this month!

So non-beauty favorites? That would have Caribou Sparkling Lemon Ginger Pomegranate Juice! Omg that stuff is like crack, I need to stop.... or not. But for music this month I've really loved Regina Spektor's most recent album What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, and the song Safari Disco Club by Yelle.

What were your faves from March? Let me know in the comments, and check out my twitter for more!

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