Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Tender Mauve

You know what one of my favorite things is? Getting makeup from other people, particularly lipstick. A friend of mine bought this and decide it wasn't her color (She's a tad paler then I am and a ash blonde). I would have never picked this shade for myself, but it turned out to be a win for me. So off to my lip drawer it went! I decided to review it for y'all today because frankly I've been lazy and needed to review something.

 So first off color, this is a sheer pinky mauve neutral with a glossy finish. I have slightly more pigmented lips than your average white girl and it showed up fine on me, which means thats its not too sheer. It feels nice on the lips, however I don't find that it actually moisturizes at all. In fact after wearing this all day my lips are a tad dry it the center. It has a yummy scent- reminds me of B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar, but the taste is bit weird if you put too much on. Almost soapy? I'm not a big fan of that. The packaging is pretty cute, I like that the cap is the color matched to the shade. I should start giving ratings so I'd give this.... 3.5/5.

Have you tried any of the Colour Riche Balms? Tell me in the comments!

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