Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

Hello lovelies, today I have a very new product to review and i'm really excited about it. So excited in fact that I couldn't wait for it to come to counters, so I bought it online. I'm referring to MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Redhead. Good brow products for redheads are surprisingly hard to find, as I've probably complained about a million times. So I was very happy when this came out with MAC's Stylish Brow collection. Lets see it shall we?

Finished Product!

It comes in the same little pots that normal Fluidlines come in however is not the same formula! I think thats very important to state. Its much stiffer and more waxy then traditional Fluidline. MAC describes this as a muted gold brown. I'm say thats a pretty good description, its very warm toned. I was actually a bit concerned that it'd be too yellow. Its actually a very good match for my shade of red, which a coppery ginger. But on more blue based- Ariel type reds I'd try this out at a counter before buying. 

That being said, I'm pretty in love with this product. It gives a much more precise shape then my normal brow powder (which is great over this btw!) but it still looks natural. Even though this is LE I'm not too worried because a little goes a very long way with this. However I'd be very happy if MAC made this permanent.

$15 at MAC Online or in stores on the 10th. Hope this was helpful!

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