Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mini Lush Haul

Hey there lovely readers! The sun is shining, and its made my mood much much better! Also on the list of things that make my mood better, Lush! I stopped by and picked a couple things up.

First I got Dark Angels which is a great exfoliator for oily skin. It has a charcoal/mud base so its a bit messy, but it works really well. To use I just take a pinch, and mix with a tiny it of water to make a paste. Then I spread it on my face, and gently rub (I mean gently! Its very scrubby.) Then I leave it on for a little it and normally wash off in the shower. It has a lovely earthy scent that I'm super addicted to, but it might not suit everyone. It definitely grew on me though, so if you don't love or hate it keep using!

Then I got the You Snap the Whip Body Butter. The Lush Body Butters are an interesting product, most because the aren't 'body butters' in the slightest. They're exfoliator bars with lots of oils to nourish your skin. This one is the most hard core one of the bunch, and I really love it! You just slide it on your wet body in the shower, and it exfoliates for you. Also it smells like blackberry pie, if you've ever used Lush Sweetie Pie jelly its the same scent. =)

I really recommend both of these products, they can be purchased at Lush online or in stores.


  1. Ooowh yum I used to have that body butter though it was called something else. Does the dark angels help with skin being oily do you think?

    1. I have oily skin and I like the way it cleans it, however I don't think it stops it from being oily.

  2. Thank you. We live in hope of a miracle product for us oily girls! :)