Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb MyGlam!

Have I mentioned how much I love this service? Because I really do. Especially when I'm broke, its so nice. But anyway this months bag has five products and is 'red carpet' themed, lets see! =)

It comes with a MICA black gel eyeliner, a little Coastal Scents quad, a Pixi Flawless & Poreless  Primer, a Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Mascara, and these Lash Card things. And I did a look with everything...

Alrighty, lets start with the primer because that was the first to go on my face anyway. Its oil free, hypoallergenic, and is supposed to clear pores and smooth imperfections for flawless makeup application. (Sounds like a plan!) Its also supposed to be shine blocking which is definitely something I'd look for in a primer. Now I don't about 'flawless' but I do like the finish that this gives, it makes your foundation go on smoother and gives it a sort of soft lighting effect. I would not recommend this for those of you with dry skin. I have a tiny bit of dryness right under my eyes and it did accentuate it a little. I also recommend using a setting powder afterward because I feel like my foundation dries waaay slower with this underneath. I normally don't wear primers, because they tend to break me out big time, but so far so good for Pixi.

Next are the coastal scents eyeshadows. The packaging is actually really useful for a sample package, because it re-closes easily. They were given out in two variations this one and a silver toned one. The color in here are Dark Golden Rod (a pretty dark gold with green shimmer), Sunbeam (a bright pastel yellow), Golden Globe (a shimmering medium gold), and Dark Golden Olive (sort of self explanatory). All of them have great pigmentation expect for sunbeam which is a little chalky.

Mica Gel Eyeliner. A black gel eyeliner, I'm always interested to see how these compare to MAC blacktrack. Which I love for its smooth texture, but sometime wished was more water and smudge proof. Well.... this isn't it. Its alright texture wise, very similar to Maybelline eye studio which I used to use but nothing too special. However if you rub this, even after its been long dry you will have crazy panda eyes! Not a fan. =(

 Lash Cards. Umm maybe I'm doing it wrong? I didn't find these very helpful, but maybe they would be if you have trouble with getting mascara on your eyelids. Or perhaps for putting mascara on others.

Pop Smoky Lash Mascara. A black washable mascara. Its very black, and pretty lengthening. The one thing that I find a flaw with is that it doesn't curl at all. I don't think I have particularly straight lashes, so I almost never curl them, but this makes them stick straight out which detracts from the lengthening effect. If you have naturally curled lashes, or don't mind curling them this mascara would probably be fine for you.

Not my favorite bag, but still worth the ten bucks! My favorite thing is the Dark Goldenrod eyeshadow. Do you like what you see?

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