Monday, July 8, 2013

Concealer Throwdown!

Hello there beautiful readers, how're you? Today I'm going to review two different concealers one of which I've already reviewed here Bobbi Brown's Corrector Concealer and my current favorite Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. Confession, I have some pretty bad dark circles. It runs in my Dad's family, and I also have deeper set eyes, which cast a natural shadow. So needless to say under eye is one of my more 'necessary' makeup items. Today I'm pitting these two top contenders against each other. Bobbi Brown Corrector is very popular with a sort of cult following, Tarte's offering I haven't seen as much press about but its reviews are very good. Let's see shall we?

Lets start with a brief description of each product. Bobbi Brown Corrector Concealer is a cream concealer intended to cancel out darkness and blue/green shades that make concealing so difficult. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer is a full coverage liquid concealer that brightens the area.

L-R: BB-Tarte

The first thing that I want to touch on is that BB's concealer doesn't completely cancel out the deep blue green tones under my eyes. While it does cover up a lot (and there is plenty to cover) you can still see the shadow like darkness beneath my left eye. The Tarte really conceals the darkness, as well the green tones. I will say that the Tarte concealer needs more blending, but I like the final look better. The finish on these is different too. The Tarte has sort of a dewy finish, where the BB is more of a creamy satin finish. At first I wasn't crazy about the dewy finish but after some constant narcissistic mirror checking, I noticed that it really look quite natural. Also it doesn't settle into fine lines quite as much as the BB does.

While we're on the subject lets talk about price. These are high end and are both $24 USD, a bit expensive sure; however I care more about more about use I get out a product than the price. The Bobbi Brown in $24 for .05oz of product (ouch) and the Tarte comes with a whooping .28oz. This is a hugggggeee difference. Now I wouldn't take issue with this if you only needed a teensy bit of the BB at a time so it would last awhile. Not the case, I hit pan in under two months. I'm almost completely out after using it regularly for 3 1/2 months. On the other hand I got a little sample of the Tarte concealer while at Sephora and I still haven't run out! Thats right I haven't even had to buy it yet, and thats after about two months of regular use. (I have maybe a month left on it too!) This to me is a pretty big deal. I don't have the cash to continually repurchase an expensive product, that honestly could be better.

So I've chosen a winner, but I'd love for you guys to weigh in! Tell me what you think in the comments! XOXO, A.

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