Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Lush Vanishing Cream

Heaven in a tub! An eco-friendly tub at that.
I went to lush today, mainly to pick up this lovely product, and I thought to myself "I should do a post on this!". I love Lush Cosmetics with a passion, and when I got a sample of their Vanishing Cream moisturizer a couple months back it quickly became one of my favorites.

Now let me state that I have oily, ance prone skin, that doesn't need a lot of extra moisture. This moisturizer is perfect for that, it has lavender for balancing skin and soothing redness/ inflammation  from ance. Plus witch hazel to tone, and grape seed oily to make your skin seriously smooth.

A little goes a very very long way with this stuff, I used the sample I got almost every night for two months straight! I just ran out a couple days ago and I seriously started to miss the feel and smell at night. Its $39.95 for 1.5 oz, and although thats a little on the steep side for me, I have no doubt this will last me nearly all year.

Its super lightweight, and sinks into your skin really fast. It never feels too greasy or oily, and has a lovely lavender scent. I really can't say enough about this product. Also on an unrelated side note going into Lush is always such a good experience. The SA's always seem genuinely nice, not pushy and fake, they also really want to teach you about all the natural ingredients. Also it smells beyond amazing, I can't even describe the scent of a Lush store. Okay I'm done now.

You can buy this here...
Or find a store near you here!
1.5 for $34.95

This was purchased with my own money, pictures are my own.

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