Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick look! Labyrinth Inspired

For you viewing pleasure. ;D

So long story short, I've had a nearly life long love of David Bowie. So My friends and I are going to see a midnight showing of Labyrinth tonight. So being super excited I did a look inspired by Bowie's Jareth makeup, as well as the the rest of the movie and the fact that the entire set looks to be hosed down with glitter!

I'm not super happy with it, but its very sparkly! Well talk to you dolls later, I'm off to see a young David Bowie on the big screen. ;D

Review: Lush Vanishing Cream

Heaven in a tub! An eco-friendly tub at that.
I went to lush today, mainly to pick up this lovely product, and I thought to myself "I should do a post on this!". I love Lush Cosmetics with a passion, and when I got a sample of their Vanishing Cream moisturizer a couple months back it quickly became one of my favorites.

Now let me state that I have oily, ance prone skin, that doesn't need a lot of extra moisture. This moisturizer is perfect for that, it has lavender for balancing skin and soothing redness/ inflammation  from ance. Plus witch hazel to tone, and grape seed oily to make your skin seriously smooth.

A little goes a very very long way with this stuff, I used the sample I got almost every night for two months straight! I just ran out a couple days ago and I seriously started to miss the feel and smell at night. Its $39.95 for 1.5 oz, and although thats a little on the steep side for me, I have no doubt this will last me nearly all year.

Its super lightweight, and sinks into your skin really fast. It never feels too greasy or oily, and has a lovely lavender scent. I really can't say enough about this product. Also on an unrelated side note going into Lush is always such a good experience. The SA's always seem genuinely nice, not pushy and fake, they also really want to teach you about all the natural ingredients. Also it smells beyond amazing, I can't even describe the scent of a Lush store. Okay I'm done now.

You can buy this here...
Or find a store near you here!
1.5 for $34.95

This was purchased with my own money, pictures are my own.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Movie Inspired: Nala from The Lion King

This is the first look I've put up so far, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I used this picture as reference:
I loved how stylized her eye is, and how it doesn't have that typical 'cat eye' shape. Although I do looove cat eyes, don't get me wrong! So after playing around with color and shape this is what I came up with. =)

Starting off with a primer all ove the eye, I applied a gold cream base all over my lid, and up to my brow. Then over that I used a deep bronzey color on the outer and inner corner of my lid leaving the middle free. It the center of my lid I bended a bright gold color into the outer bronze around the edges. 

Then I mixed a bit of bright yellow gold shadow with a shimmering white color together on a fluffy brush and blended this around this on my brow bone till I got the right color and shine. Remember you don't want the brow bone too white, because it won't contrast enough with the lower color.

I lined my lower  waterline with white and then gently pressed some bright blue in to the outermost part of my lower waterline. Then with an angled brush and some white shadow I created the catlike curve on the bottom, keeping the white very defined from the gold. In the inner corner I mapped out where I want to bring the eyeliner down and brought it up gently to connect with the lid.

I then lined my lids with black gel liner, keeping the line very defined but not too thick. (Don't wing it! Resist the urge!) Then on the inner corner I pointed it down in the middle of where I put the white. Make sure the points are even, and I recommend to go back around the point with white, to keep it sharp. Apply mascara, and lashes if you're so inclined.

I filled in my brows, trying to make them 'lion-ish' lol. Then applied bronzer and a golden peachy pink blush. My lips I made a neutral brownish color, which is reading way more red on camera, and topped with a clear sparkly gloss.

There you have it! 

Products Used:
(In order of direction)
Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Pure Gold, Bronze color from Sleek original palette, Gold color from Sleek sunset palette, Bright yellow color from Sleek sunset palette, Ulta Slik eyeshadow, Mac Fascinating Eyeliner, Lime Crime Parasol, Sugarpill Tako, Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Blackest Black, and Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara in Very Black.

Face: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory, Hard Candy Glamoflauge in light+ medium mixed together, TheBalm sexy mama pressed powder, Hard Candy Glamazon Bronze Cream Bronzer, and Sleek blush in Rose Gold.

Lips: Avon Color Rich Lipstick in Burnished Gold, Burts Bee's lip shimmer in Cocoa, and Hard Candy Plexi Gloss in Genie (There has to be an easier way of getting a natural brown, I just don't own one.)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Face Mask Review!

Alright, so I finally tried out a face mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Frankly I'm shocked that I've never tried any of the their masks, they're so cheap and popular. I think its probably because I only ever see their chocolate face mask, and I'm partial to my Lush cupcake mask when it comes to chocolatey face goodness.

But anywhoo, I was walmart the the other day getting a Hard Candy fix and I saw their Dead Sea Mud Pack. It claims to use "Ultra deep cleansing dead sea minerals to penetrate skin and lift up impurities." Lets see how it fares!
The first thing I noticed upon opening is that it smells like mens aftershave! It doesn't bother me, and its not to strong, but you might wanna watch out if your sensitive to smells. It applies very smoothly, and is a lot creamy the the mud masks I'm used to. I also like the pouch design, it forces me to apply the mask as liberally as intended. (I tend to be a mask miser. ;D) Its very tingly, but not painful. Kind of like that minty tingle you get the first time you apply burts bee's lip balm. The tingly went away in the first few minutes, and though it did tighten as it dried it wasn't crazy joan rivers can't move your face tightening.

After I took it off I noticed two things very quickly:
1: My skin felt really smooth!
2: I was regretting that I didn't put on my normal pre-mask lip balm. My lips felt really dry around the edges. Nothing that a good lip balm couldn't fix though.

So final verdict is, pretty good. Not crazy amazing, but excellent for the price. I would not recommend this for anyone with dry and or sensitive skin, as I found it a little drying on my very oily skin.

This product was purchased by me, photo is my own.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rambling: Zen Makeup

Applying making can make me feel different ways at different times. If I'm hurriedly slapping in my ridiculously small and constantly humid bathroom, I'm always stressed. It feels cramped and claustrophobic, and things never some out perfectly blended. Or if I'm trying something new, and getting annoyed with not getting it right.

 But sometimes it can be exactly what I need. This morning I was extremely jittery, I was super nervous about an exam. The massive amounts of caffeine I'd consumed weren't doing me and favors either. My stomach hurt, and I could barely hold a camera straight enough to get some decent swatches. I tried to stretch, it just wasn't working. So finally I just gave up and went to put on my makeup for the day. Maybe it was that I had to stand perfectly still, and keep my breathing steady to apply mascara. Maybe I felt that when my skin woke up a bit (and gained some much needed color), I did too. For whatever the reason, it calmed me down and made me feel more confident. I guess just focusing on something else, something you enjoy can really help you out.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Foundation Review! Rimmel Lasting Finish.

A little pondering before I begin this review, I've been thinking of starting some sort of series where I find a decent cheap product every week and review it. Perhaps on fridays, but my real problem is where to set the price point. I've seen bloggers who do under ten, but thats a tad limiting. I was thinking fifteen, but the thing is 'cheap' and 'bargain' means different things to different people. So if you have any thoughts, leave a comment. I'd love to hear what you think.

Anyway, on to the review! After upgrading my skincare routine (more on that some other time) all of the bump that were normally under my skin came to the surface. So I wanted a foundation with a little bit more coverage. I'd seen some good reviews for this so while I was at target I decided to pick this little beauty.

At around five dollars this is a steal, especially when you consider it has just as much foundation as MAC's studio finish. It offers medium to full buildable coverage. It currently comes in ten shades, and that was really my only problem with this foundation, finding a good match. I looked at two shades, Ivory and Warm Ivory. Ironically 'Ivory' seemed a little darker and warmer. If you have a very cool skintone you might have problems trying to find a good match, they all seem a bit more on the warm side.

As you can see from this super flattering picture of me pre-foundation, I've got a couple spots, some large pores and dark circles to cover. To top it off I didn't sleep too well last night. Thats a lot for just foundation to cover, lets see how it did.

It did pretty well! Nothing supernatural, but it even my skintone nicely and covered every thing that needed covering. On the right I've added a little powder to set the foundation and some basic makeup, this foundation looks very natural.

So does it hold up to its claims?
Q: Lasts 25 hours?  
A: Hardly. With out setting powder, it lasts almost perfect for about five hours. With powder around twelve. (However I have very oily skin.)
Q: Sweat, heat, and humidity proof?
A: Mostly, but again if you have oily skin I recommend setting it.
Q: Skin feels hydrated all day?
A: Well it doesn't feel sickly or dry. It isn't the lightest foundation ever though.

So there you go. All and all I'm very impressed, if you have a limited budget and don't want to sacrifice coverage this is perfect for you. Just make sure to swatch colors to get a good match.

This was purchased with my own money, product picture is from the company.

Why, hello there!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. After stalking so many other blogs and vlogs, I tried to set up a makeup tumblr... that just wasn't for me. So I've cracked down and started a blog on a more structured platform. I've definitely have to mention my favorite bloggers and youtube guru, the lovely Phyrra, Kelly of Vampy Varnish, and also MissChievous; you all have been huge inspiration for me and it would be a crime not to mention them. 

And if you're reading this, thank you too! I'm hoping that in time people will come to enjoy and actively read my blog. Please feel free to ask me anything in the comments or on twitter @SpiceDropBlog.  Enjoy!