Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB Review

This little darling went on my wish list as soon as I saw it! I've been having trouble finding a BB cream that suits my skin type, and unfortunately the BB cream I fell in love with, Skin79 Diamond the Prestige BB, really really broke me out. I'm talking crazy, this can't possibly just be hormones type breakout. So imagine my happiness when I stumbled across a BB designed for acne prone skin, at a good price no less.

(Left Before, Right After)

This BB cream supposedly helps control acne and control oil with tea tree oil, and oil absorbent powders. I'm always skeptical about claims like this. Not that I don't believe in natural ingredients working, I definitely do, but unless its an all natural company I feel like they're just tacking it on just to say they have it. 
That being said, I really like the finish of this BB. Its matte were the majority of the BB creams I've tried have had very 'dewy' textures. Its a pretty good match color wise for my skin, a little lighter but in a brighting sort of way. It evens out my skin tone nicely and goes under the eyes well too, thats great on day when I don't have much time to get ready. I also don't feel the need to powder my t-zone, and it has SPF 30 so it really is a time saver. But I feel like this like many blemish balms makes you a little one toned and pasty so I think blusher and or bronzing powder is needed to complete my look.

As for helping reduce acne? Its too soon to tell, however its not causing breakouts, and it conceals them well so I'm happy with that. If you want to see pictures of the actual product I did a haul with it here.

I got the Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB from at $12.99 for 30ml

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Series: Cute Pumpkin Look!

Now after my last Halloween look (Wonder Woman, for those who missed it ;D) I had a poll asking what look I should do next, and it actually had a three way tie! So I just picked this one. The goal of these looks is to be fun and festive while being fairly easy and I think this one fits the bill.


I think I make a rather cute pumpkin! =)
As always I started out with a primer as always applied to my whole eye. Then taking a bright orange color, I put it all over my lid this is the main color so use the bright orange you have. Then I took and orangey gold and put a little in my inner corner for dimension. Then taking a dark matte brown I really deepened the crease and outer corner, you could also use black, but I like the way the brown transitions with the orange.

For my lower lash line, I took a bright green color and ran it almost all the way to my tear ducts, I left a little room where I placed a lighter green eyeshadow. Then on a whim I decided to deepen the outer corner with a light more dark brown. Now to make my pumpkin tendrils I took a small flat liner brush (I used E.L.F's studio small smudge brush) and dipped it into the bright green from before. Starting at the point of my outer corner I made little loops going toward my earlobes. I did three loops, mine are fairly similar but they don't have to be perfectly matched so don't sweat it. After that that I lined my upper lash line with black gel eyeliner put on a quick coat of mascara (top only!) and then applied my half lashes. (I know I use them a lot, but they're my favorite!)

After that I filled in my brows orange, this is optional. My hair has a bit of an orangey tone right now so I think it looks cute, but it might come off a little clownish. Then I took a orangey cream blush and dabbed it on the apples of my cheeks for some color.

Okay now on to the lips, I started out with applying a red orange lipstick. Now if you want you can stop there and thats fine, but for extra fun I added a coat of tacky lipgloss and then pressed pretty orange/gold glitter. This glitter also has a beautiful green shift that isn't showing up, but you can imagine!

Products Used:
(In order of application)
Face: Holika Holika petit Clearing BB, Hard Candy Concealer in Light and Medium.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Sleek Sunset Palette Orange Color, Sleek Sunset Palette Medium Gold Shade, Urban Decay Backdoor Eyeshadow, Wet n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Trio Lid and Brow Bone Colors, Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara in Black, Ardell 305 Black Lashes.

Brows: Sleek Sunset Palette Orange Color.

Cheeks: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral.

Lips: Mac Sail La Vie Lipstick, Hard Candy Plexi Gloss in Genie, Nyx Glitter Powder in Apple.

If you liked this comment please comment below! Next week I'll either do a Cat or Nymph look as those were the other two in the tie. =)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

E.L.F HD Blush Review!

So this is an update from a few days ago when I got my E.L.F Studio HD blushes. And all the things I suspected from the swatches turned out to be true. Sorry for the poor picture quality on these, I could not get good lighting to save my life! =(

Superstar is a bright peachy pink, that decided not to show up very well in photographs, but trust me its much more pronounced in person. I started out with just a tiny drop of the product and blended it in: however this one is a lot less scary, and considerable more buildable.

Showstopper was terrifying to use! But I actually kind of like it. Its a dark plum in the bottle, and I got it blended down to a plummy rouge. It is a tad purpler then it looks in this light, its not a very natural color on me but I'm weirdly dedicated to making it work! You might get an update later on that... But anyway I used about half of the tiniest drop you can think of for this, and then blended like a mad woman. I would never tell anyone that they can't work a certain color, that being said I think this will be more easily wearable for darker women.

Finally we get to Encore, which is the random one in the bunch. Encore is exactly the same on me as it is in the bottle, a really bright raspberry. If you like really bright pinks, like Mac's Her Blooming Cheek, this is similar if a bit redder.

All in all these are pretty fun and I like them. They take a little bit of practice, but with the amount you need to use, you'll never run out! I used a couple different methods to apply these, E.L.F recommends using their stippling brush- so I tried that, but it deposited waaaaay too much color. Using your fingers works well, but the darker colors are quite staining, so thats a little messy. I'd recommend trying cosmetic sponges, or maybe applying a tiny dot to your face and then buffing it out with a brush, although that still might stain your fingertips. I hope you enjoyed this, what color would you like to see E.L.F make in this line?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Pretty and Cute Haul!

This haul really is mini- it only has two items! But they're both exciting and adorable so I thought I'd share.

I got Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB Cream, and this cute little Etude House Perfume holder. Sephora sells a similar sort of perfumer holder, but this one is cheaper and waaay more fun. As I haven't used them yet I can't review them (I will soon though!) but I am very impressed with this site! Their shipping was really cheap, and fast. They sell Japanese and Korean cosmetics, but they're based out of Oregon so their shipping will much faster then order from overseas if you live state side like me. =)

Got my lovelies here:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

E.L.F HD Studio Blush First Impressions

I'm super excited to share these with you, because I've been anxious to ty them since they started showing teasers for these blushes in mid summer. I ordered these the day they came out, and I thought I'd do a quick first impressions before I test all of them out.

(Superstar, Showstopper, Encore.)

I got three shades: Superstar a peachy pink, Showstopper a reddish plum, and Encore a BRIGHT raspberry color. While I'm excited to try them out, Showstopper and Encore are terrifying swatched and in the bottle! Also one thing that I dislike but I should have know is the size of these. I guess I just pictured them bigger. I think I had MUFE HD blushes in my head, but given the price difference I'm not complaining. 

They are super pigmented and have a sort of oily texture. This concerns me a little bit, because my face is naturally pretty oily and acne prone. But they are so strongly pigmented and stain like so I'm guessing they'll last a long time. I'll give a full review soon!

E.L.F HD Studio Blush is $3.00 here

Monday, September 17, 2012

Goin' Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness

September is national Childhood Cancer Awareness month. This obviously an important cause, however it doesn't get nearly the amount of attention it needs to raise support. Enter in the Goin' Gold Campaign, their goal is to raise awareness and support the afflicted children and their families. The gold ribbon should be just as easily recognizable as the pink, so today I've put together a tutorial in support.

I started out with a primer all over my lids and brows. Then I took a bright yellow-gold eyeshadow all over my lid up to my crease. Using a darker bronzy gold color I deepened the outer corner and crease. After that I took a the first bright yellow color and brought it along with a smudge brush. I stopped at my inner corner and added a much lighter white gold color. I just lined my eyes with black eyeshadow and applied a light coat of mascara, just enough to get them all black. Then I added fluttery lashes. After the lashes dried I added sparkly gold eyeliner on my lids.

I dotted fondation on my face and then buffed it out with a flat topped brush, then I applied a gold toned bronzer under my cheek bones and lightly around my face. Then I applied a liberal amounts of highlighter and shimmery golden blush.

To make my ribbon I first took a gold shadow pencil and mapped out the shape. Then I applied shimmery gold on top of the cream base. To make it stand out a little better I used a dark neutral color around the edges and put some concealer in the center.

For my lips I applied a lighter pink lipstick on to my prepped lips, and then patted a little gold powder in the center.

Thanks for reading and please pass along awareness to the people you know!

Products Used:
(In Order of Use)
Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Lime Crime Goldfish Eyeshadow, MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow, Lime Crime Lotus Noir Eyeshadow, Maybelline Full n Soft Waterproof Mascara, Ardell 117 Black False Eyelashes, Nyx Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold.

Face: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory, Benefit Ten Bronzer, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminier, E.L.F Giddy Gold Studio Blush.

Ribbon: Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Pure Gold, Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Goldilux, MAC Omega Eyeshadow, Hard Candy Glamoflage Light Concealer.

Lips: Nyx Round Lipstick in Stella, Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Goldilux.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bronzy Look and Henna

So today I wanted to do a look using my newest eyeshadow, MAC's Woodwinked along with some other new-ish stuff. Also I got to be a henna guinea pig for my friends mother, so I thought I'd show you guys.

So I started off my and eyeshadow primer all over my eye and brows, then I put a little bit of white cream eyeshadow as a base in my inner corner. After that I loaded up my my brush with a light bronzy gold color and applied it all over my lid, save where I put the white. Next I took a much darker bronze color and applied that to the outer corner of my eye and blended it into the crease. Then using a smudge brush I applied the bronzy gold color about three fourths the way in on my lower lash line, after that I went back with the darker bronze and smudged that in the outer most quater of my lash line. Over the white on the inner corner I applied a golden white color to warm it up a littler. Then I used a black eye pencil and lined my lids about half way across and smudged it out to make it softer. After I just applied a quick coat of mascara.

Afterwards I put on my normal foundation and then applied a warm reddish brown blush under my cheekbones and then lightly buffed around the edges of my face. I deepened the contour under my cheeks a tiny bit with bronzer. Then I lightly dust highlighter along my cheekbones.

For my lips I put on a warm berry lipstick and a lipgloss with a pretty shimmer.

Pretty Henna time!

Products Used:
(In order of use.)

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk, MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Barlust, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Perversion, Maybelline Full'n Soft Waterproof Mascara.

Face: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in 100 Ivory, E.L.F Baked Blush in Rich Rose, Hard Candy Baked Blush in Pin Up, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer.

Lips: Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Enthrall, Hard Candy Glossoholic Lipgloss in Rise & Shine.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Favorite Fall Nail Polish

So I decided to do a round up of my favorite fall nail polishes, but first I have a little confession to make... I suck at photographing nail polish! Its so hard to get it right. Anyone with a nail polish blog, I commend you. So I'm just going to show you there bottles and describe them. But anyway here are my six favorite nail polishes for fall, and a couple I'm still dying for!

Fall Rainbow! 
(OPI Just a Little Rosti at This, Spoiled I Don't Drink Cheap Wine, China Glaze Jungle Queen, Orly Buried Alive, China Glaze Agro, Sinful Colors San Francisco)

OPI Just a Little Rosti at This: I really love this color. Its a midtone berry color (showing up a bit redder here) with a creamy finish. I also really like the way it looks on my toes. Takes about two coats for full coverage.

Spoiled I Don't Drink Cheap Wine: This color is so pretty! Its also a lot more purple in person but its a shimmering berry-plum color. Not my favorite formula, takes about three coats and sorta thin but worth it.

China Glaze Jungle Queen: Its a grayed lavender color with purple shimmer in certain lighting. It has a cool sort of dusty quality. I usually do two to three coats depending on my mood.

Orly Buried Alive: I want to start by saying that I really don't like brown nail polish, on me that is. I always liked it on other people but never found one that suited me. Well this was the one! Its a bronze with lots of sparkle, I really like this one.

China Glaze Agro: THIS POLISH IS FANTASTIC. Sorry had to get that out of my system, it really is though. Its a beautiful olive-y green polish with lots of fine green, yellow, and orange shimmer. Its one of the best formulas I have, it thick but very smooth and easy to work with. Almost a one coater.

Sinful Colors San Francisco: I'm actually wearing this right now. Its not as dark as it seem in the bottle, its a bright emerald green that really catches attention against my dark fall clothes. Its a little on the thin streaky side unfortunately, it needs about three coats.

These are the colors I've been loving for fall. There are two others that I'm lusting after though, Rescue Beauty Lounge's Anne (So pretty! So expensive....) and Opi for Sephora's I Think I Cayenne.

Well thats all but I'd love to here what some of your fall favorites are! Also don't forget to vote on what Halloween look to do next in my series!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Look: Mornings

I hate waking up early, but I love makeup's ability to make you seem more bright eyed and bushy tailed when in reality you're far from it. Sorry for two quick looks in a row, I'm super busy. =(

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance as primer, Urban Decay Foxy all over lids and brow bone, Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Perversion for liner, Ulta Silk lightly on brow bone, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara upper and lower lashes.

Cheeks: E.L.F Baked Blush in Rich Rose, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer on cheekbones

Lips: Covergirl LipPerfection Lipstick in Enthrall.

Make sure to vote for what halloween look I do next! Have a good day

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Look: Lunch Date

So yesterday I went out to lunch with my boyfriend, and I wanted to share my makeup with you. He doesn't really like too much makeup in me, so I wanted to keep it fairly light but still feel sort of autumnal.  I mostly used my Sleek Sunset Palette for this look but you could easily use other things.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Sleek Rose Gold Color all over lid applied with a damp brush, Sleek Orange Brown Color blended into crease and under eye, Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Shadow Stick in Pixi on lower waterline, Nyx Red/ Auburn Brow Powder on brows, Maybelline Full and Soft Waterproof Mascara on top and Bottom Lashes.

Face: Neutrogena Sheer Touch Sunscreen, Skin 79 Super + Gold BB Cream under eyes and around nose, MAC Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush on cheeks, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer dusted lightly on cheek bones.

Lips: E.L.F Voodoo Lipstick, Nyx Round Girls Gloss in Apricot.

Don't forget to vote on which Halloween look I should do next!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Halloween Series: Easy Wonder Woman Look!

As Halloween draws closer I've decided to do a series of looks to go with popular costumes. Today I'm doing one of my favorite superheros, Wonder Woman. She's strong, smart, and to top it off she's a total babe. This look will go well with any wonder woman look. My brows and lips drew their inspiration from the cartoons and comics and the eye makeup is based on the colors of her costume. I just wish I had a black wig for this look!

I started out with an eye primer all over my lid, brows, and under eye. I then took a bright yellow color a pack it on to the center of my lid to my outer corner, avoiding the edge and crease. Then I took a white shadow pencil and I made a base for where I put the red, along the outer half of my crease and my outer corner. Then taking a bright red I packed it on top of the white area. You can fix the edges, but be careful not to blend the yellow and red shadow or it will turn in to a yellow red orange gradient (pretty but not what we're going for). On the outer edge blend the red color into a point, but keep it pretty defined, it shouldn't fade out. Then with a smudge brush I took a dark blue color and took it under the outer third of my eye meeting it up to the reds point (Don't blend!!) then I blended a little lighter blue in the center. 

Then I lined my lower water line with white. (The black you see isn't intended, its transfer but I actually sort of like the way it looks.) Then taking a angled liner brush and a black gel eyeliner I lined my lash line I matched the wing to the blue on the bottom and flicked it up a bit. I applied a light coat of black mascara to my top lashes only and then added little winged half lashes. (The lashes aren't strictly necessary but it really gives the eyes the desired shape.)

Now I wasn't able to get a black wig for this look, and I clearly don't have dark hair but I filled in my brows darker to go with the look. I using a black eyeshadow on a spoolie gently running it through the hairs. I suggest using a matte black that doesn't have the best pigmentation.

After that I applied a primer all over my face and put on foundation. Wonder woman might not get dark circles but I certainly do, so I applied concealer under my eyes being carful not to smudge my eyeshadow. 

I contoured under my cheekbones for a little more definition and added a tiny bit of a peachy pink blush to warm it up. Then I applied highlighter along my cheekbones, don't be afraid to use a little extra highlighter, you're a superhero. I'm in the shade so you can't it very well, but I'm wearing quite a bit.

And of course to finish off this look you need a bright true red. This really isn't optional, it just doesn't work with out the lips. 

I hope you liked this look! I'm putting a poll up for what halloween look I should do next, it'll be up on your right. Please vote and comment if you like this look/ series!

Products Used:
(In order of use.) 
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Lime Crime Goldfish Eyeshadow, Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk, Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Evidence Eyeshadow, Lime Crime Parasol Eyeshadow, Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black, Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara, Ardell 305 Black Lashes.

Face: Hardy Candy Sheer Envy Primer, Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in 100 Ivory, Hard Candy Glamouflage Concealer in Light and Medium.

Cheeks: Hard Candy Baked Blush in Pin Up, Hard Candy Boxed Blush in Spicy and Sweet, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer.

Lips: Eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm, OCC Lip Tar in N.S.F.W.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine

So who's ready for a natural looking flush for fall? Even though it doesn't feel like fall yet here, I certainly am! Today I'm review Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in the color Plum Wine. I'm in love with this shade I think its perfect for fall.

Left: Very blended out     Right: Full color

This is was a surprise favorite for me! At first I was worried it wouldn't be a good color for me. It looks too dark in the pan and too blue based when it swatched. But low and behold when its applied its the prettiest reddish flush. It looks very natural and its surprisingly neutral toned; you can see in the swatch it looks almost fuchsia. Its pretty pigmented and like any dark blusher you have to use a light hand and blend throughly.

This blush has a really unique almost play dough like texture, Maybelline calls this "Powder-Gel" technology. Now I don't know about all that, but I really like these blushes. I have this one as well as two others. They're all long-wearing and go on really nicely. A lot of people complain about the pigmentation of these blushes, and though I can't attest for all of the colors in this range I recommend getting the darker colors (Hot Tamale, Plum Wine, Pink Frosting, Coffee Cake) if you aren't pretty pale. I'm about a NC20 and I need to work a little bit to get my lighter color (Candy Coral) noticeable.

That being said I love the finish! It seems advertised as made to be used with your fingers but I've found that you can get beautiful results if you use a sponge or stippling brush. They last about six to eight hours on me which is pretty good for me. Most blushes wear off really fast on me. The only flaw with this one in my opinion is its sort of small, which lowers the value of drugstore pricing for me. But as I mentioned in my back to school cheap vs. steep post this is a good cheep alternative to more expensive cheek stains.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine is $7.99 at Ulta* for .19 oz
(*Prices may vary regionally and by location.)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smokey Amethyst Look

Todays look was inspired by one of my favorite semi precious stones, amethyst. Sorry the pictures are a bit grayed out it was super cloudy! But I really like the way the eye turned out so I decided to do a tutorial on it anyway.

So I started out with a primer as always and made sure to cover all of my eye. Then I took a purple/gold/champagne duo chrome shade and applied it all over my lid (its showing up champagne here,  but you could use a light gold, or light purple color, whatever you have!) Then I took a dark purple color and blended it in to my crease being careful not to bring it in to the lid. After that I took a brighter medium purple color and blended that on to the outer edge of where I put the dark purple. Then I just cleaned up around the edge with a nude color along the edges and my brow bone. Then I blended a little of that brighter purple color along my lower lash line, I brought this about 3/4 the way across the bottom. The I took a bit of the dark purple and blended that into the corner of the lower lash line color. I lined my lid with a matte black shadow smudging it out a little, I then applied mascara and some fluttery falsies that taper out. To top in off I lined my lower waterline with a light champagne color.

I really didn't do a whole lot else, I already had some powder on and then I applied a neutral lipgloss and called it good. XD

Products Used:
In order of application
Eyes: Urban Decay Shadow Insurance, Sleek Purple/ Gold Color (Orignal Palette), Urban Decay Rockstar Eyeshadow, Sleek Purple (Orignal Palette), Urban Decay Blackout Eyeshadow, Maybelline Full n Soft Water Proof Mascara, Ardell 117 Black Lashes, Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow in Pixie.

Face: theBalm Sexy Mama Pressed Powder.

Lips: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Sponge Cake.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Monthly Favorites: August '12

Its the second so I'm a day late, but its time once again to tell you guys about my monthly favorites! Today I have my favorite things from august, and also a few items that I've loved all summer that deserve mention.

#1 This is one of the things that deserve credit for a summer's worth of love. I got these Elle clutches as gifts this year and I've been living out of them! They're a bit small, but they carry what I need on the go. I'll definitely keep using the bronze one this fall, but the bright orange one will probably go unused till spring. But who knows, I love orange and I don't really care about trends very much.

#2 I've also been loving the True Blue Spa Blackberry Purifying Peel Off Mask from Bath and Body Works. Peel off masks are always fun, and this smells sooo good. Its fruity but has an herbal undertone which is a little weird at first but becomes very addicting. This is just a mini one, but I might pick up the bigger size next time.

#3 Lush Demon in The Dark soap. Oh god this soap is a god send, its my HG in allergy season. The strong peppermint scent paired with steam from the shower really helps clear me up, its fantastic. How ever I do have one piece of advice in regards to buying Lush soap, buy smaller pieces. I find that after four months or so that they lose their scent, and trust a large piece will last you double that.

#4 NYX Sponge Cake Mega Shine Lipgloss, I know I've had this less then a week... but its perfect! Its the perfect neutral lipgloss for me. The cherry candy scent is a turn off for some people with this gloss, but it fades fairly quickly. It is sort of weird though, it smells exactly like cherry tootsie pops.

#5 Hanae Mori Butterfly Perfume, I got this sample vial with others in a Sephora freebie and I love it. I did a full review here, and it really is very addictive. I've been wearing the hell out of this the last few weeks. Perfect late summer scent for me, it bridges the gap between my citrusy summer scents and my vanilla based fall favorites.

#6 MAC Sail La Vie Lipstick, this was my signature shade this summer. I wore it at least three times a week every week all summer! It was part of MAC's Hey Sailor Collection earlier this year which I loved for the most part, there are even a couple items I wish I had bought. Its a lovely red orange color and one of my favorite lipsticks in my collection.

#7 Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Entrall, this lipstick is almost perfect. On me its a very pretty red berry color, but its the sort of shade that changes a lot person to person. Its very smooth and long lasting. I bought on a whim because it was on sale but I'd pay full price for this lipstick its really great. It has a very old fashioned 'lipsticky' scent to it which is annoying but it goes away.

#8 Elf Studio Stippling Brush, sorry thats its slightly out of the picture! I really like Elf's studio brush line, and I was excited to try out there stippling brush. I don't apply foundation with a brush anyway, but this doesn't feel dense enough for foundation application (I recommend their flat powder brush for that!) but this brush is great for applying cream blush! I've been using it with my Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes and it makes it look so perfect and airbrushed!

#9 China Glaze Jungle Queen Nail Polish, Vampy Varnish has a great picture of it here, I'm I love the color! It applies well and I expect to wear this shade a lot come fall.

#10 Finally, Wet n Wild Color Trio in Walking on Eggshells I already reviewed this earlier, but I can't get over how beautiful these are and how easy it is to work with them.

And for my non beauty monthly favorite... thats a hard one.... Umm well I rediscovered Lilly Allen a fantastic British Pop singer who I used to adore, it turns out I still adore her. Thanks Spotify!

So what were your favorites last month? I'd love to hear! =)