Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Wet n Wild Color Trio In Walking on Eggshells

So I bought this for a look I'm about to do, and I've completely fallen in love with this trio from Wet n Wild! I have a couple others (I'm getting sunburned, and I dream of greenie) but this one is quickly becoming my favorite.

These are very smooth and pretty. These photos show the colors fine, but not how great of a sheen these have. No glitter or shimmer, but the white and pink have a lovely finish. The white color is similar to one of my favorite eyeshadows, Ulta eyeshadow in Silk, which I use in a lot of my looks. But the pink is my favorite out of this trio it a warm pink with a very pretty gold reflect. Also the brown shouldn't be overlooked, its not remarkable but its very smooth and blends nicely. 

I do have a couple complaints, but they're more for the trios in general rather than a problem with this one. First off I hate the stickers on the packaging. The packaging itself is cheap, but thats fine given the price. But those damn stickers, I hate them! It makes it very hard to open. Also with the great blendable smoothness comes a price, these are very soft and break easily. This makes them bad for travel, or putting them in a purse or makeup bag on the go. Also if you drop them on a hard floor you're screwed. But then again, for the price... you can afford to replace it.

All in all I love these shades and am excited for the look I'm going to do with them. I definitely recommend this trio to anyone, on a budget or otherwise. 

Wet n Wild Color Trio in Walking on Eggshells is available at most drugstores and Walmart. I got it for $2.99 but prices may vary regionally. 


  1. I dropped one of those in the store once. I felt so bad. They break so easily! I love this trio though. It's probably my favorite of the 4 or so I've tried.

  2. I know! Sigh well thats the downside for being so nice and blendable! This one is definitely my new favorite, I'm in love with the pink shade.