Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yummy Soap!

So the other day I was in a little gift shop with some friends mainly just killing time and I had to look at all the lovely smelling candles and soaps because I'm a junkie for stuff like that and I found this little darling!
I love lemongrass, I grow it every summer and just adore the scent in general! This soap smells just like it!  It lathers really well for a bar soap, I was very impressed by that. I seriously rubbed the soap on and then used my loofa for some scrubby action. The smell is just as good in shower, however it fades pretty fast after. Which you may like or dislike depending on personal tastes. The only thing I feel like that could be improved is it could be more moisturizing. But its not a huge concern.

I also think the packaging is really cute, its simple and sort of chic that way. It has made in france stamped on the side but doesn't make a big deal about it which I like. Apparently Oprah's a big fan of this brand, which I learned well looking online for these. So if the O seal of approval is a big deal for you, you're all set!

You can buy them here or perhaps you'll find them in a gift store like I did!
La Lavande lemongrass soap is $4.50 online (+ S&H) but prices will range in store. I paid about six dollars including tax I think.

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