Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unboxing Urban Decay Smoked Palette!

So I just go my new little dream boat, so I thought I'd just show some makeup porn quick. I'm not sure if I'll do a full review yet, because I feel like everyone has already reviewed this palette. But... picture time!

Sexy outside box it comes in, sets the mood for the palette.

Whole shabang, palette, primer, and booklet.
Oh la la! I'm ridiculously excited for Mushroom and Loaded. And full sized black eyeliner is always welcome in my book. ;D

The nude colors, Kinky and Freestyle

The midtone neutrals, Backdoor and Mushroom which I'm drooling over ...
(Also sorry this picture sucks.)

Shimmery goodness with Barlust, and Rockstar.

Such pretty colors, Loaded is so gorgeous. Evidence is too, blue is really hard for  me to pull off but I'm going to try really hard for this one!

Sort of awkward, but I figured this was the best way to so them we've got Blackout and Asphalt at the end here.  Both very pigmented.
Well there you go! Please comment below if you want me to do a full review and or looks with the palette! 

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