Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skin 79 BB Cream Sampler Review!

BB creams are a hot topic, and with many American companies creating their own I wanted to try out some popular BB creams to compare. So I pick up this sampler of four BB creams from Skin 79 a popular asian brand. I got it about a week ago and have tried them all on for at least half a day.

Hot Pink Super + BB, Diamond The Prestige BB, Diamond Luminous Pearl BB, and VIP Super + Gold BB.

So lets jump in to in depth, and I'll give an overall at the end! =)

Hot Pink Super + BB: This one was the least useful in my opinion. The hot pink packaging and SPF 25 are nice, but this one had almost no coverage and I didn't have any noticeable brightening effect. It gives a dewy (not glowy) finish but didn't really cover anything. The texture reminds me of face lotion, blends out easily with quite a bit of slip.

Diamond The Prestige BB: This one was my favorite out of the four. It has a fair bit of coverage, but lets your skin peek through for a natural look. It also has a dewy finish, but this one seems brightening without added shimmer. Its actually one of the thinner formulas in this set so I was surprised at the amount of coverage it gave.

Diamond Luminous Pearl BB: Very very shimmery! If you want a very glowy finish and don't care about too much coverage this is the ticket for you. I liked this as a highlighter, or mixed in with foundation to make it a little sparklier.

VIP Super + gold: This is the only one the the bunch thats for dry/ dry combination skin so it was hard for me to really judge. However the coverage was pretty similar to Diamond the Prestige, so if you like the idea of that higher coverage BB but have dry skin, check this out. (Edit: Good for under eyes!)

I think this set is a great deal if you want to test out BB creams, and I really like Diamond the Prestige BB for everyday. Diamond luminous pearl is fun, I will definitely use up the sample, but I don't think I'll purchase. My one concern is that I randomly had a huge breakout while testing this, I don't if these caused it or not though it could be purely hormonal. 

I bought this set on amazon here for around ten dollars. (including s+h)

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