Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Looks: Part II

Now yesterday I did a cheap easy tutorial with beginners starting school in mind. Today I'm continuing on that idea. Or should I say on top of that idea. You see I know that lots of girls want to play with fun bursts of color, but they still want it to be easy and quick. So lets move on!

Look 2:

So for this look you do the exact same thing as look one. Its nothing crazy, but it adds a little color on to  your base makeup. Do the face steps and the eyes, but then stop before mascara. Thats where we begin.

Eyes: Taking a purple pencil eyeliner or purple eyeshadow on a liner brush and gently line under your lower lashline. If your using a pencil and feel comfortable with that, you can then do your waterline (that little pink line between your eyeball ans your lashes) but be careful please! Then using the same brush you used for the brown in look one, take a little bit of purple shadow and blend that into the brown part on your lid. Then add macara on your upper lashes only.

I kept the rest of my makeup the same but feel free to expriment with other combinations.

Products Used:
Eyes: (look one products), then Jordana easyliner for eyes in Purple Fusion ($2), and Sleek purple shadow from the original palette*.

Brushes Used:
e.l.f angled brush

Product Replacements: *
Sleek purple eyeshadow: To be fair this is actually ten dollars, however you have to ship it here so its more around fifteen. A cheap purple is the bottom color in the Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in I'm feeling retro ($3)

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