Friday, August 3, 2012

Fridays under Fifteen: Hardy Candy Rise & Shine

Let me preface this post with a fun fact about me: I love glitter, it is fun and sparkly and if you don't like glitter you wouldn't like this lipgloss.

There now lets move on! I've been obsessed with this lipgloss this last week, it is so much fun! Its called Hard Candy Glossaholic Lipgloss in Rise in Shine, and at $6.00 its well within our fifteen dollar budget. Its a beautiful lipgloss with a clear base and tons of glitter that shifts from orange to gold to green. Although I notice the green way more in the tube then on the lips.

Now unfortunately this lipgloss just did not want to be photographed on my lips the camera had to be slightly out of focus to see the glitter at all. However I assure you that swatch on my hand is what it looks like in person, especially in sunlight.

The glitter isn't gritty at all, and its not sticky which is nice, that being said, the wand is gigantic! With its size, and a indentation in the applicator tip to catch gloss, this can apply way to much gloss if you aren't careful.  But speaking of huge this is quite a bit of lipgloss for reference it has more then twice the amount in a lipglass.

The only weird thing about this is it has a pretty odd claim. It says its 'infused with mood altering elixir' and claims to wake you up, hence the name. It is coffee flavored, which I find quite yummy, but I think its more likely that the sweet flavor and pretty sparkle are the ones altering my mood for the better!

The reason this is this friday's under fifteen super star is because of how much it reminds me of MAC's dazzleglass. Especially some of the Glitter and Ice dazzleglass, with their clear bases and crazy sparkle. if you liked those but they very too expensive, or too cool toned, or too sticky you might love this.

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lipgloss in Rise in Shine is $6.00* for 10.8g and can be found in walmart stores and on walmarts website.
*prices may vary in store.

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