Sunday, September 23, 2012

E.L.F HD Blush Review!

So this is an update from a few days ago when I got my E.L.F Studio HD blushes. And all the things I suspected from the swatches turned out to be true. Sorry for the poor picture quality on these, I could not get good lighting to save my life! =(

Superstar is a bright peachy pink, that decided not to show up very well in photographs, but trust me its much more pronounced in person. I started out with just a tiny drop of the product and blended it in: however this one is a lot less scary, and considerable more buildable.

Showstopper was terrifying to use! But I actually kind of like it. Its a dark plum in the bottle, and I got it blended down to a plummy rouge. It is a tad purpler then it looks in this light, its not a very natural color on me but I'm weirdly dedicated to making it work! You might get an update later on that... But anyway I used about half of the tiniest drop you can think of for this, and then blended like a mad woman. I would never tell anyone that they can't work a certain color, that being said I think this will be more easily wearable for darker women.

Finally we get to Encore, which is the random one in the bunch. Encore is exactly the same on me as it is in the bottle, a really bright raspberry. If you like really bright pinks, like Mac's Her Blooming Cheek, this is similar if a bit redder.

All in all these are pretty fun and I like them. They take a little bit of practice, but with the amount you need to use, you'll never run out! I used a couple different methods to apply these, E.L.F recommends using their stippling brush- so I tried that, but it deposited waaaaay too much color. Using your fingers works well, but the darker colors are quite staining, so thats a little messy. I'd recommend trying cosmetic sponges, or maybe applying a tiny dot to your face and then buffing it out with a brush, although that still might stain your fingertips. I hope you enjoyed this, what color would you like to see E.L.F make in this line?

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