Sunday, September 2, 2012

Monthly Favorites: August '12

Its the second so I'm a day late, but its time once again to tell you guys about my monthly favorites! Today I have my favorite things from august, and also a few items that I've loved all summer that deserve mention.

#1 This is one of the things that deserve credit for a summer's worth of love. I got these Elle clutches as gifts this year and I've been living out of them! They're a bit small, but they carry what I need on the go. I'll definitely keep using the bronze one this fall, but the bright orange one will probably go unused till spring. But who knows, I love orange and I don't really care about trends very much.

#2 I've also been loving the True Blue Spa Blackberry Purifying Peel Off Mask from Bath and Body Works. Peel off masks are always fun, and this smells sooo good. Its fruity but has an herbal undertone which is a little weird at first but becomes very addicting. This is just a mini one, but I might pick up the bigger size next time.

#3 Lush Demon in The Dark soap. Oh god this soap is a god send, its my HG in allergy season. The strong peppermint scent paired with steam from the shower really helps clear me up, its fantastic. How ever I do have one piece of advice in regards to buying Lush soap, buy smaller pieces. I find that after four months or so that they lose their scent, and trust a large piece will last you double that.

#4 NYX Sponge Cake Mega Shine Lipgloss, I know I've had this less then a week... but its perfect! Its the perfect neutral lipgloss for me. The cherry candy scent is a turn off for some people with this gloss, but it fades fairly quickly. It is sort of weird though, it smells exactly like cherry tootsie pops.

#5 Hanae Mori Butterfly Perfume, I got this sample vial with others in a Sephora freebie and I love it. I did a full review here, and it really is very addictive. I've been wearing the hell out of this the last few weeks. Perfect late summer scent for me, it bridges the gap between my citrusy summer scents and my vanilla based fall favorites.

#6 MAC Sail La Vie Lipstick, this was my signature shade this summer. I wore it at least three times a week every week all summer! It was part of MAC's Hey Sailor Collection earlier this year which I loved for the most part, there are even a couple items I wish I had bought. Its a lovely red orange color and one of my favorite lipsticks in my collection.

#7 Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Entrall, this lipstick is almost perfect. On me its a very pretty red berry color, but its the sort of shade that changes a lot person to person. Its very smooth and long lasting. I bought on a whim because it was on sale but I'd pay full price for this lipstick its really great. It has a very old fashioned 'lipsticky' scent to it which is annoying but it goes away.

#8 Elf Studio Stippling Brush, sorry thats its slightly out of the picture! I really like Elf's studio brush line, and I was excited to try out there stippling brush. I don't apply foundation with a brush anyway, but this doesn't feel dense enough for foundation application (I recommend their flat powder brush for that!) but this brush is great for applying cream blush! I've been using it with my Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes and it makes it look so perfect and airbrushed!

#9 China Glaze Jungle Queen Nail Polish, Vampy Varnish has a great picture of it here, I'm I love the color! It applies well and I expect to wear this shade a lot come fall.

#10 Finally, Wet n Wild Color Trio in Walking on Eggshells I already reviewed this earlier, but I can't get over how beautiful these are and how easy it is to work with them.

And for my non beauty monthly favorite... thats a hard one.... Umm well I rediscovered Lilly Allen a fantastic British Pop singer who I used to adore, it turns out I still adore her. Thanks Spotify!

So what were your favorites last month? I'd love to hear! =)

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