Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Series: Cute Pumpkin Look!

Now after my last Halloween look (Wonder Woman, for those who missed it ;D) I had a poll asking what look I should do next, and it actually had a three way tie! So I just picked this one. The goal of these looks is to be fun and festive while being fairly easy and I think this one fits the bill.


I think I make a rather cute pumpkin! =)
As always I started out with a primer as always applied to my whole eye. Then taking a bright orange color, I put it all over my lid this is the main color so use the bright orange you have. Then I took and orangey gold and put a little in my inner corner for dimension. Then taking a dark matte brown I really deepened the crease and outer corner, you could also use black, but I like the way the brown transitions with the orange.

For my lower lash line, I took a bright green color and ran it almost all the way to my tear ducts, I left a little room where I placed a lighter green eyeshadow. Then on a whim I decided to deepen the outer corner with a light more dark brown. Now to make my pumpkin tendrils I took a small flat liner brush (I used E.L.F's studio small smudge brush) and dipped it into the bright green from before. Starting at the point of my outer corner I made little loops going toward my earlobes. I did three loops, mine are fairly similar but they don't have to be perfectly matched so don't sweat it. After that that I lined my upper lash line with black gel eyeliner put on a quick coat of mascara (top only!) and then applied my half lashes. (I know I use them a lot, but they're my favorite!)

After that I filled in my brows orange, this is optional. My hair has a bit of an orangey tone right now so I think it looks cute, but it might come off a little clownish. Then I took a orangey cream blush and dabbed it on the apples of my cheeks for some color.

Okay now on to the lips, I started out with applying a red orange lipstick. Now if you want you can stop there and thats fine, but for extra fun I added a coat of tacky lipgloss and then pressed pretty orange/gold glitter. This glitter also has a beautiful green shift that isn't showing up, but you can imagine!

Products Used:
(In order of application)
Face: Holika Holika petit Clearing BB, Hard Candy Concealer in Light and Medium.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Sleek Sunset Palette Orange Color, Sleek Sunset Palette Medium Gold Shade, Urban Decay Backdoor Eyeshadow, Wet n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Trio Lid and Brow Bone Colors, Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara in Black, Ardell 305 Black Lashes.

Brows: Sleek Sunset Palette Orange Color.

Cheeks: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral.

Lips: Mac Sail La Vie Lipstick, Hard Candy Plexi Gloss in Genie, Nyx Glitter Powder in Apple.

If you liked this comment please comment below! Next week I'll either do a Cat or Nymph look as those were the other two in the tie. =)

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