Sunday, July 29, 2012

Face Mask Review!

Alright, so I finally tried out a face mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Frankly I'm shocked that I've never tried any of the their masks, they're so cheap and popular. I think its probably because I only ever see their chocolate face mask, and I'm partial to my Lush cupcake mask when it comes to chocolatey face goodness.

But anywhoo, I was walmart the the other day getting a Hard Candy fix and I saw their Dead Sea Mud Pack. It claims to use "Ultra deep cleansing dead sea minerals to penetrate skin and lift up impurities." Lets see how it fares!
The first thing I noticed upon opening is that it smells like mens aftershave! It doesn't bother me, and its not to strong, but you might wanna watch out if your sensitive to smells. It applies very smoothly, and is a lot creamy the the mud masks I'm used to. I also like the pouch design, it forces me to apply the mask as liberally as intended. (I tend to be a mask miser. ;D) Its very tingly, but not painful. Kind of like that minty tingle you get the first time you apply burts bee's lip balm. The tingly went away in the first few minutes, and though it did tighten as it dried it wasn't crazy joan rivers can't move your face tightening.

After I took it off I noticed two things very quickly:
1: My skin felt really smooth!
2: I was regretting that I didn't put on my normal pre-mask lip balm. My lips felt really dry around the edges. Nothing that a good lip balm couldn't fix though.

So final verdict is, pretty good. Not crazy amazing, but excellent for the price. I would not recommend this for anyone with dry and or sensitive skin, as I found it a little drying on my very oily skin.

This product was purchased by me, photo is my own.

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