Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Lit Cosmetics Rich and Famous Glitter + Glitter Base

Hey guys! Today I have a for you of Lit Cosmetics. Lit Cosmetics is renowned for their glitters and 'Clearly Liquid Glitter Base'. Unfortunately until recently I haven't tried them because the shipping costs were a bit steep. Also I didn't want to commit to a large bottle of the glitter base before I tried it. Sephora stepped in as my savior, as usual. They've started to offer little kits with a full sized glitter, and a mini (0.14 oz) bottle of the glitter base. Praise the Sephora Gods! I purchased the kit with Rich and Famous glitter. It's prettttyyyyyy great.

Unfortunately, one of the (few) downsides of glitter is that it's terribly hard to photograph! So you really aren't getting the full glitter magic that is this product. But let's start by talking about the glitter itself. It's a deep gold color with a rainbow holographic reflect. It's like I've died and gone to heaven! The color is stunning and translates really well to the eyes. This glitter is in size 2, which it the line's most common size. It's not huge, but it's large enough to give a really strong glitter effect.

Alright now on the glitter base. The bottle you get in this kit is super small (and adorable) but it doesn't phase me. A little goes a long way with with stuff, and I think this'll last me quite awhile. It's a clear, thin, tacky liquid that once dry is completely undiscrenable from your eyeshadow or skin. 

I apply the glitter by shaking a drop or so out of the bottle on to a palette (or whatever is available) then wetting my brush and dipping it in to the glitter. Then you sort of just smooth it over the lid, repeating when you run out of product. 

I have to say I'm very impressed with this product. I've tried it with other brands of glitter as well and had the same positive result. While a small amount of fallout is nearly unavoidable, the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base really eases the application of glitter, keeps a strong hold throughout the day, and helps even the texture of the glitter.

I'm thoroughly enjoying these products. I will be buying more shades of Lit Cosmetics glitter, and will repurchase the glitter base once I run out!

$19.99 USD at Sephora stores or website.

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