Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review: MAC Heroine + Ravishing Lipsticks

I'm sure you all understand how sometimes when shopping for makeup you go looking for one particular thing, and then wind up with something totally random as well? Well this happened to me the other day. I went into the MAC store to find a nice peach lipstick, because weirdly I didn't have any true peach shades. And then I saw it, a fantastic shade me eyes had never seen. Her name was Heroine; she was bright and purple, and I fell in love. I also tend to get dramatic when it comes to pretty makeup. But long story short I have two lipsticks from MAC and I though I'd do a quick review for y'all.

 Let's start with Ravishing, because that was what I came for in the first place. MAC describes Ravishing as a "clean bright peachy coral". I would call it a clean bright orangey-peach. I actually specifically bought this one because it doesn't really stray into the coral family which I have tones of.  It's a creamsheen formula, with is smooth, creamy, and slightly glossy on the lips. I personally find this formula a bit drying, but not enough so to be that big of a problem. I do recommend a bit of lip balm underneath however. It lasts about 2 hours on me before it needs a touch up on me, but I personally don't mind this. creamsheens just aren't the longest lasting finish from MAC.

Alright now the stowaway, Heroine. I'm in love with lipstick for a bunch of reasons, but let's start with the color. Heroine is a bright mid-tone warm purple. I really like that although it's a very warm purple, it doesn't turn pink once applied. It definitely still reads purple on the lips. It's a very bold color in the best way possible, and find that it brightens my whole face. Heroine is a supposedly a matte finish lipstick, but I'm not completely sure why. It has no shimmer sure, but the finish isn't that classic dry finish that matte lipsticks generally have. Particularly MAC matte lipsticks, which are notorious for being dry on the lips. I found this lipstick very comfortable to wear while having being very long lasting. This does stain a bit, but I doesn't bother me. This isn't a shade for the color shy, but I absolutely adore it and am super happy MAC made this permanent. (Also radiant orchid bonus points!)

What do you think, would you rock either of these shades? Let me know down below.

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