Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: Illamsqua Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic

Hmmm.... sort of on the fence with this product. Thats not too common with things I review. You see I try to do only positive reviews, unless I find something dangerous that I think people should know about. And this.... I don't know if its right for me. But if its right for you is completely your choice so lets move on to the pics!

Illamasqua describes this as "a deep wine red". I've seen a bunch of swatches to back this description up, lots of lovely deep glossy red lips. But on me it definitely pulls bronze. On me I'm say this is a dark red toned bronze, and I'm a little disappointed about that. Thats not really anyones fault, I just don't know how well I like it on me.

Now for the more important details. The formula for this gloss is on the thick side, but isn't overly sticky. Which is the deciding factor for me personally, I can't stand sticky lipgloss. It lasts more like a lipstick and as the title says is very intense in color. Its easy to go overboard and apply too much with this gloss. I'm grateful I have  their packaging with the brush applicator rather then a squeezey tube, I imagine that would've been harder.

I've found a couple ways of making this a little less intense that I like the look of better. The first is to apply only a little on top of a reddish color.
Hermetic over Covergirl LipPerfection Lipstick in Enthrall
The second method is to apply the gloss full force and then blot it so a little more lip color shines through. This makes the color lighter and more wearable; however blotting takes away the pretty shine that lipgloss has so I put a clear gloss over it.

So for quality and intensity these are brilliant, but I have to work a littler harder to get my desired color.
I may or may not return this one, I've yet to decided. However I will probably try out more over Illamasqua's Intense Lipgloss line, Galactic (a metallic silver) looks amazing so I might have to get that one. If I do return this lipgloss I'll replace it with Succubus which is a lighter blood red, but that doesn't have the pretty shimmer.

Illamsqua Hermetic Intense Lipgloss is $20.00 for .02 oz at Sephora or Illamsqua 's websites or certain Sephora stores.

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