Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sigma Fun!

So.... remember that low buy.... fail. Just kidding, not completely. But I did pick up some brushes at a Sigma Beauty event this last weekend, and I also got to meet Leesha for xSparkage. Which was super exciting, she was really nice and I had a great time!

Leesha and me at the event!

So on to brushes! I picked up three, and got the fourth as a gift with purchase.

Sorry if the numbers are hard to see the brush numbers! But I got (L to R) the E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush, the E30 Pencil, and the E65 Small Angle Brush, and a small version of the E26 Blending Brush. So far I really like them all! I love how small these are because I hate using big brushes. I like to have a lot of control so that definitely a plus. I also was pleased with the price tag, the angle rush was the most expensive at $12 USD. Love love love!

Have you guys tried products from Sigma? What are some of your favorites? Tell me in the comments and make sure to follow my twitter @SpiceDropBeauty for more fun!


  1. I want to try sigma but they're so expensive on the website. I can't believe you got to meet her, I got into makeup by watching her videos! Lucky!

    1. Yeah I'm grateful I have a store nearby, their shipping is way too high. And yes, it was so exciting! She was one the of the first people who really got me into makeup. Her and Julia from Misschievous were the first people I started watching. =)