Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Favorites

Ugh I feel so lazy, I really need to be more on top of my posting. To my defense I was super busy this month, I'm not use to having a life. But that's no excuse enough whining, on to the favorites!

So my fragrance favorite this month is Victoria's Secret Angel Gold. This was sort of a surprise favorite of mine, I don't tend to like Victoria's Secret perfumes much. I don't hate them, they just aren't my style. But this perfume is so lovely! Its a great spring scent. It has a light but noticeable sillage; you can smell it if you're close enough to hug but not overwhelming even when its first applied. It has soft floral and bright citrus notes, overall it's a very happy fragrance. This is a travel sized bottle, which is considerably cheaper (I think VS body sprays are crazy over priced). I'm not a big fan of the bottle design though.

Second favorite is Popcorn Scrub from Lush. This sweet and salty little piece of magic came out around Christmas as a seasonal item, but lush recently brought it back! I'm very happy about this because I never got around to getting it the first time around. Its a tasty treat gently scrubs your lips for baby smooth lips, great for perfect lipstick application. Especially those stupid matte shades that show every flaw!

Next is Sebastian Shaper Fierce Ultra-Firm Finishing Hairspray. That's a bit of a mouthful! Seriously though, this stuff is fantastic. Great hold, not too crunchy and my favorite part... I love the smell! I hate the traditional 'hairspray smell' and my current favorite strong hold hair spray Kenra 25 (Which is great!) is a bit better it smells like tuberose and gardenia. Better than the old fashioned poison gas smell, but I strongly dislike tuberose and the scent lingers quite a bit. This smells great! Sort of woody and warm, I love it. If it were a perfume I'd wear it all the time.

Next up is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Quick Sand. This is a really pretty neutral polish color, it has a great balance of pink and brown tones along with a subtle silver shimmer. Covers completely in two coats, with no streaks. Nuff' said.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock. This continues to be my skins lord and master and the sun gets stronger. Second month on this list, big big fan.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Spicy & Sweet. I keep coming back to this blush because it's such a stunner. Inside its adorable little box it has four colors (a bright coral, a pinky brown, a bright warm pink, and a dusty rose) that swirl together to make a beautiful dusty coral coral that warms up the face and gives a great natural flush for summer. It has a satin finish and blends very nicely, also I think I should mention that its very pigmented for a drugstore blush.

Finally my savior from sad winter legs, Jergens Natural Glow for Light to Medium Skin Tones. I don't know what I'd do without this, especially the last couple weeks. Also I think it should be noted, they fixed the smell!! It no longer smells like a gross molasses floral mess. (Bleh.) It now has a very unoffensive fresh scent.

My non beauty favorites for the month? Well there's this drink called Coco Cafe that's espresso, coconut water, and lowfat milk that I've been loving. No joke, can't stop drinking it. And I've been obsessed with Netflix's new series Hemlock Grove. Sooo good, so weird. What are your favorites lately? Tell me in the comments, I'd love to know! =)

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