Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Series: Super Quick & Easy Scar!

Want a super fast DIY Halloween costume? Give yourself a badass scar with your new best friend: Rigid Collodion aka scarring liquid. It's a a clear liquid that causes the skin around it to tense, creating a 3d scar like dent. A few things I should mention first though, this product can be dangerous if misused. Do not put this directly on your eye area, the skin there is far to delicate and if it got in your eye, it could probably blind you. Also, don't use this a bunch of times in the same spot, that could potentially actually scar you. But it's very easy to use, so no worries! :D I got mine at a local makeup supply store, but a Halloween or costume store is also likely to have this.

For this look you need two things, Rigid Collodion (duh), and a pink or red lip pencil. With your pencil lightly trace where you want the scar. (Make sure to use a very light hand if you're using red like I did.) I also recommend smoothing it out with your fingertip a little bit. Next apply your first layer of the scarring liquid. Blowing on it will make it go faster, you only need about 45 seconds between each layer. Squishing the skin around it in will help it scrunch more. You will need about ten coats for full effect but you can really start to see it after three. Afterward you can leave it as is, or color it if you choose. You can't see how deep it looks in these photos, in real life it looks really deep.

Products Used:
Scar: MAC Cherry Lip Pencil, Mehron Rigid Collodion.

Hope you guys liked this, still want more? Check out the rest of my Halloween looks!

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