Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quick Look: Rainbow Liner!

So today I'm trying something new, I'm blogging from my phone. Lets see how this goes! In an effort to cheer myself up I did rainbow eyeliner the other day, and I thought I'd show y'all.

I applied primer and then dusted Urban Decay Foxy over my lid to make everything more even. Then on a slightly damp angled liner brush I took my first color and went about an eighth in. I continued to do this for the other five colors. I mostly used my Lime Crime Chinadoll Palette for this but I also used my Sleek Sunset and Original Palettes. (The purple and orange are sleek.) once I got to the purple in the corner I brought it under to the bottom lid and then smudged it out fading it to black. Then I liner my lower water line with NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk. I have in Holika Holika Petit clearing bb cream and Tarina Tarantino Doll skin blush in Parasol. I have MAC Mocha lipstick and Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lipgloss in Candy.

Again I did this all on my phone so sorry if it turns out weird. I'll fix it once I'm home if it is!

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