Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Sleek Pout Paints! Review and OCC Comparison

Hey there darlings! Sorry it's been awhile, my life has been crazy! (Mostly in good ways thankfully!) But that's not a very good excuse, now is it? Anyway today I'm reviewing a couple of of Sleek's Pout Paints, a much talked about dupe for OCC's famous lip tars. I'll review and compare them, as well as showing you some fun colors I've mixed together. This post is probably going to be pretty pic heavy!

So just some quick background info for those of you who don't know, Sleek Pout Paints are an intensely pigmented liquid lipsticks that are applied in small amounts with a lip brush or mixed with other colors create custom shades. Sound familiar? That's because these are a cheaper alternative to Obsessive-compulsive cosmetics Lip Tars. I've been a fan of OCC Lip Tars for years, however even with my pro discount they are considerably more expensive than Sleek's version. But how do they stack up?

The first shade I got is called cloud nine. It's a straight up cool white, to lighten other colors. I took this picture to show you the color, but I must admit it's very hard to work with. Part of that is the nature of the color lighter shades in any form of lipstick can tend to get chalky, and a pure white pigment is not really  meant to be used on its own. It is however very pigmented, and when I to mixed it with other colors it lightened them easily.

The other shade I got is called Peek-a-Bloo. It's a rich medium blue shade. It's not quite neutral it leans a little to the warm side, but not too noticeable. That shade was much easier to work with than the white overall. The consistency was better, and it was easier to form clean lines. Once I got over how weird the shade was it's actually very beautiful lipstick. 

Now onto the fun part! I mixed these two shades with some my OCC Lip Tars create different shades. (I own the black and red)

I made a really dark vampy plum to start out with, just for fun. I used two parts  red, to half a part black, and one part blue.

I was a little too goth for me so I made a really cute grape shade, using only a little more red then blue and a tiny bit of white.

I also wanted to experiment with lavender shades à la Lime Crime. This one was more blue than red and lots of white. I also mixed a little more blue in the center. 

And if weird purple shades don't  suit your, fancy you can also use these to create more normal colors. These kinds of products are great for reproducing lost lipstick shades that you miss. I made this super cute pink! 

Now I need is to get OCC's yellow shade and I'll have the primary colors as well as black and white. I should be able to create what ever shade I want at thay point. :D

Overall I do think OCC's Lip are higher quality than the Sleek Paint Pouts. However is price is more important to you, definitely give these a shot!

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