Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: OhYum!

I'm a big fan of buying from indie companies, and I'm happy to share this one with you guys. I just got my first order from OhYum and after some testing I've got a full review for you. =)

First I got Ginger Peach Tea Sugar Scrub Cubes. Now this sounded like the perfect storm for me, I love fruit teas (especially black mango!) and body scrubs. The site describes this scent a 'spicy, fruity, and green'. I must say its mostly fruity, it has a very strong peachy note with a slight tea undertone. As for the quality and application of the scrub cubes, A+ for me. Each cube is around the size of a normal sugar cube and to used you simply wet, squish between my hands and then rub on any body parts that need exfoliating. Its  nicely scrubby and has oils that leave your skin nicely moisturized.
$7.00 for 5oz

Then I got Lavender Body Butter. It makes several claims including: being rich & creamy, very moisturizing, and absorbing quickly. It definitely meets all of those marks. I will say that it does go a little fast, I've already made a decent dent and I've only had it a week. However I'm not a huge fan of the scent. =( Its more of a medicinal sort of lavender, but it isn't super strong. I would buy again in a different scent.
$7.00 for 4oz

And then I received two lip balms. Honey Clove and White Tea scented, White Tea was a free gift. (Thanks!) The formula is smooth and slightly thick. Its beeswax based and works pretty well. I've switched out my normal bedtime lip bam for these for the last few days and the hold their own. They also last pretty long, I can feel the slip a little still when I wake up. The scent is slight but existent for Honey Clove, but not for White Tea.
$3.00 for 0.15 oz

Besides some minor fragrance issues, I'm very pleased with my purchases and recommend them. The sugar scrub is probably my favorite.
OhYum! products can be purchased here!

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